My Nine Lives

Get the game and save a cat!

My Nine Lives is a cat survival game with an infinite procedurally generated and colorful world.

You can get the game for free or help making lives of stray cats better 🐱. Tell me more


The project has ended. I'm very grateful for all donations that have been sent to help stray cats. You can still download the game for free.


“My Nine Lives is not only for raising money, but also to raise awareness.”

Find out more about this project by listening to the 🔊 episode #353 of The Cat Community Podcast.


  • Can I run My Nine Lives on my device?

    My Nine Lives is compatible with Windows, Linux, OS X and Android (version 4.4 'KitKat' and later).
  • All the money will be used to help stray cats, right?

    The project has ended and donations are no longer accepted. If you want to help cats, please donate directly to any cat charity, there's plenty of them and many cats still need help.
  • I like the mission, is there anything else I can do?

    Of course, even just spreading the word and sharing this website on social networks would be a great help, and if you have any idea or proposal how to help, I'd be happy to hear that, so please, send me an e-mail to or DM me on Twitter @marianpekar.
Max, the lucky cat

My furry friend, me and this project

Hi! My name is Marian and this is Max. I'm a software developer based in Brno, Czech Republic and Max used to be a stray kitten until fate brought us together in winter 2017.

The poor little fellow was found malnourished in snow and almost died, luckily he's fine now. A healthy well-fed fully grown cat, just look at him :-).

But not all stories end so well. Max was lucky, he was found by one of those admirable people who actively help stray cats.

They catch them, give them necessary medical treatment, and then feed them and provide shelter until someone is willing to adopt. That takes time, and of course, money.

I decided to use my knowledge and invest time and effort to build this game to raise money to help stray cats. They need our help. Marian Pekár Signed